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FilePulse was created after the Appluent team noticed a gap in notifications

When a file is uploaded as a new file or file version in a contract redlining process. Individuals were required to monitor their inboxes to see if the negotiated file had come back with the client redlines. This was a clear red flag that we needed to build an application to assist with those alerts. We knew that notifications were needed for more than just the legal team for managing contracts. The Appluent team brainstormed and FilePulse was born. By configuring solutions to set notifications on specific criteria, individuals can now focus on what is important and pay attention to alerts when necessary- they no longer have to worry about scanning and reviewing all emails to ensure any important files weren’t missed.

The Appluent story

Appluent was founded by Salesforce customers who have used the platform for over 14 years. The Appluent team is not your traditional consulting team. Most of us come from a sales background where we were users of the platform first. After making the jump from sales to the technology side we ramped up and fine-tuned our skills to become Certified Administrators, Developers, and Consultants. We have worked for Global Fortune 100 companies, small-mid sized, non-profits, and family-owned organizations implementing and leading the Salesforce efforts – Sales, Marketing, Service, Analytics, and Operations.

Appluent was a pleasure to work with. They were always available and made us feel that we were their only customer. We utilized them not only to build a brand new production environment, but we also used them as thought partners and consultants to challenge our way of thinking to make sure we were building a best-in-class solution for our organization. Would definitely use Appluent again. - Globaltranz
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