Welcome to FilePulse

For Salesforce® users who rely on files and attachments, FilePulse is for you! Any standard or custom object such as accounts, cases, contracts, and opportunities can be tracked with FilePulse. As FilePulse sends custom alert notifications, users can manage multiple files types with ease!

FilePulse can be used for Contract Management, Opportunity Files, CPQ Quote Files, Community File Uploads, Case Management, and more!

Admins can set up global notification teams to be notified when new file versions or new files have been added to an object’s record. Additionally, users have the ability to opt-in for notifications on any configured object. Customized notifications come in the way you want them as email, chatter, or task, and even right on your Salesforce® homepage.
Having access to FilePulse alerts will help you streamline your processes, increase productivity and give all users the peace of mind they deserve. 

After Install

  1. Verify My Doman is enabled and deployed for all Salesforce users using FilePulse
  2. Create a new solution
  3. Select Object
  4. Select user(s) to be notified
  5.  Select notification system
  6. Identify criteria
  7. Add settings and customize message
The solution is complete! View the solution summary with details and criteria; make changes if needed.
  1. Activate the solution
  2. Click solution and change status to Active
  3. Save!

FilePulse 360 is here!

The same great features of FilePulse for Contracts, now with unlimited solutions and any object!